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HFSS 3D EM Simulation Model

HFSS 3D Model

Withwave offers ANSYS HFSS 3D EM(Electromagnetic) Simulation Model of Board Connectors and Panel type connectors for customer design.
These 3D models allows RF & Microwave designers and engineers to simulate the RF performance of these connectors which is launched on various types of high frequency PCB.
They can reduce time to assemble the connectors and verify the performance prior to placing an order.  We hope to make a commitment to give customers better testing & simulation environment.

If you need any 3D models, please feel free to contact us (

Design Assistance
- ANSYS HFSS Models (version 17.0 or newer) for 3D EM Simulation
- 3D Model for Mechnical Layout (STEP file)

Available Models
- End Launch Connectors
- End Launch Connectors (Narrow Block)
- SMPM Connectors
- Wave Launch Connectors 
- Vertical Launch Connectors 
- Board Edge SMA Connectors 
- Board Edge 2.92 mm Connectors

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