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High Speed Connectors 

High Density Open pin field arrays 

Withwave’s High Speed Connectors have excellent higher bandwidth applications 56 Gbps NRZ, 112 Gbps PAM-4 with high pin counts (total 292 and 418 contacts, respectively) and pin pitch (0.9 mm and 1.0 mm, respectively)  according to product types (HSB01, HSB00) based on differential
pair 100 Ohm(or 92 Ohm) nominal impedance.   
These products are designed based on Surface Mount BGA Pin design technology. 

- Minimizes impedance discontinuities
- Excellent insertion and return loss performance
- Low crosstalk noise and resonances
- Biggest forced-offset (Rigid alignment) tolerance 

- Telecommunication and Data Embedded 
- Data Servers and Storage 
- Industrial Controls and Equipment
- Test & Measurement Electronics 

Click on this datasheet !

화면 캡처 2022-09-22 171728.png

Model : HSB00

Version : 220601_ver1.0

Model : HSB01

Version : 220601_ver1.0

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