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Company Overview

45 Degree Connector.png

45 Degree Connector

new Vertical Launch Connector_첫페이지_0.png
RF Switch Modules(MEMS).png

Soft Contact Vertical LaunchConnectors

RF Switch Modules(MEMS)


Right Angle SMP Cable Assemblies

20221028_SMP Cable Assembly_첫페이지.png

SMP & SMPM Cable Assemblies

220601_Precision Adapters_ver1_첫페이지.png

Precision Test Adapters

WMX Series_첫페이지.png

WMX Series

Probe Station 첫페이지.png

RF & mmWave Probe Station 

SMPS Cable Assemblies.png

SMPS Cable Assemblies

HMB_첫페이지 복사.png

Precision Adapters (0.8 mm Series)

End Launch Connectors Narrow Block_첫페이지.png

End Launch Connectors

(Narrow Block)

RF Switch_첫페이지.png

RF Switch Modules 

0.8 mm(M) Cable Assemblies.png

0.8 mm(M) Cable Assemblies


QSFP28 Connectors

1. cable assemblies_첫페이지.png

Microwave Cable Assemblies

Vertical Launch Connector_첫페이지.png

Vertical Launch Connectors


High-speed & Micro-miniature Board to board connector (HMB)

High Speed Connector_첫페이지.png

High Speed Connectors 

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