SMPM Connectors               DC to 26.5 & 67 GHz

High Density Board Connector

Withwave’s SMPM Connectors are covering wide frequency ranges from RF to Microwave with excellent frequency performance and high density. The proprietary internal insulator enables simple Structure with higher performance compared to the conventional SMPM connectors.

The best applications could be 5G complex mobile communications modules, systems and various other wireless systems.


- Frequency range : DC to 26.5 GHz & 67 GHz    

- High density SMT packaging available  

- Push-on mating for quick installation


- 4G, 5G Telecommunication   

- Satellite Communications   

- RFIC Chip set evaluation board

- High data rate ASIC and SoC EV module test

Design Assistance 

- 3D Model for Mechanical Layout (STEP file)

- ANSYS HFSS models (version 17.0 or newer) for 3D EM(Electromagnetic) Simulation


Click on this datasheet !

SMPM Connector_withwave

Version : 201201_ver1.3