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RF Switch Modules 

Absorptive Type(MMIC) & Reflective Type (MEMS)

RF Switch Module

Withwave’s RF Switch Modules have absorptive & reflective type such as SP4T, SP8T, SP10T & SP12T and 4-port Matrix according to types of switch, frequency range and switching applications.

They delivers high isolation, low insertion loss and fast switching time, making this devices ideal for RF signal routing in wireless infrastructure and applications up to max. frequency range.
External Connectors included 2.92 mm vertical launch connectors for all RF port.

They are powered and controlled through USB type-C connector.  

- CMOS SOI technology enhanced (Absorptive type)
- MEMS Switch (Refl
ective type)
- High Power handing 
- High isolation and Low insertion loss 
- SP4T, SP8T, SP10T, SP12T & 4-Port Matrix

- Test & Measurement
- High Power RF Front-ends
- Antenna Tuning and Beam Steering
- RF Signal routing 

Absorptive Type(MMIC)

SP4T & SP8T  type 

SP10T & SP12T  type 

Reflective Type(MEMS)

4-Port Matrix & SP4T & SP10T  type 

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