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W1 Series - Ultra low loss cable (VP : 83 %)   


Microwave Cable Assembly(W100)

W1 Series are complete line of high performance flexible microwave cable assemblies

The W1 Series have extruded Low density PTFE dielectric structure to allow low dielectric constant as close as air up to 1.3 and achive fast velocity propagation of 83 %.

They have the lowest insertion loss available to 18, 26.5, 35, 40 GHz

These low loss cable assemblies are extremely versatile, moderately priced and fit a variety of applications.


Typical Applications


- Telecommunication systems

- Board-to-board Systems 

- Environmental test chambers 

- Antenna Arrays

- Test bench systems

- Wafer probing 



  • Cable Types

Microwave Cable Assembly(W100)
  • Specification 

Microwave Cable Assembly(W100)

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Microwave Cable Assembly(W100)

version: 220401_Ver3.4

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