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Torque Wrench   

                                                           for SMA,3.5 mm, 2.92 mm, 2.4 mm connectors

                                                          for N-type connectors 

Torque Wrench_1.png

Withwave's  Torque Wrench  allows accurate mating force when assembling and disassembling a various types of RF coaxial connectors such as SMA, 3.5 mm, 2.92 mm, 2.4 mm types & N-types


 - Field install and testing application 

 - Cable testing in Lab environment

 - Applying accurate torque  

Click on the datasheet  !

for SMA, 3.5 mm, 2.92 mm, 2.4 mm

화면 캡처 2022-07-12 112914.png

Version : 180401_ver1.1

for N-type 

화면 캡처 2022-07-12 112704.png

Version :200301_ver1.1

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