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Handformable Microwave Cable Assemblies   

SF141S_1400 1000_1.png

- DC to 8 & 28 GHz

withwave's Handformable Microwave Cable Assemblies are complete line of high performance cable assemblies and they achieve velocity of propagation of 71 %

These series have excellent RF performance up to 8 GHz & 28 GHz with N-type and SMA connectors, respectively.


- Center Conductor : Steel, Copper+Silver Plated

- Insulator : PTFE 

- Outer Conductor : Copper, Tin plated 

- Jacket : PE 

Typical applications


 - Telecommunication systems

 - Interconnection between RF modules 



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Click on these datasheets  !

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Version: 190325_Ver1.0

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