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WMX Series 

High Speed & High Density Multicoax Cable Assemblies
(20, 40 & 50 GHz)  : Board Edge Socket (BES) 

WMX(Board edge type)_2.png

Withwave’s High Speed & High-density Multicoax Cable Assemblies (WMX Series) provides a wide range of multiple coax connectors and flexible cable assemblies.

Specially, Board Edge Socket type(BES) is excellent signal integrity solderless solutions at edge of PCB​ for bench-top testing and automated test equipment to meet increasing demands of semiconductor test equipment and optical testing industries.  


- Frequency range : DC to 20, 40 & 50 GHz

- Excellent insertion and return loss performance

- Board edge socket contact type(solderless)

- No of Channel : 1x8 Channel

- Pitch : 2.54 mm


- Semiconductor & Optical test equipment

- High speed testing module

- Super computing

Click on this datasheet !


Version : 220501_ver1.0

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