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Test Cable Assemblies 

Low PIM Test Cable Assemblies (W402) 

Low PIM Cable Assembly

Withwave’s W402 Series are  Low PIM  flexible RF cable assemblies for commercial market.

They have excellent passive Intermodulation of -160 dBc  and achieve velocity

propagation of 70 %.

W402 Series have excellent RF performance up to 6 GHz according to various types of

connectors such as SMA, N-type, respectively.




- Passive Intermodulation (Max): -160 dBc

- Center Conductor : Silver Plated Copper Wire 

- Dielectric Core: PTFE

- Jacket : FEP

- Connector: Brass with Ternary Alloy plated  



  • Specification 

Low PIM Cable Assembly

Click on the datasheet  !

Low PIM Cable Assembly

version: 220201_ver1.0

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