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- DC to 26.5,40,50 & 67 GHz

- Push-On and Snap-On for quick installation 

- High Speed Interconnection Test

- Available with SMA,2.92 mm, 2.4 mm & 1.85 mm Connectors (Male, Female)

Typical Applications

- Telecommunication systems

- High Speed Application 

- Surface Mount Connection  

- Broadband 




SMPM Cable Assembly

SMPM  Cable Assemblies             - .047 Cable types
(Flexible, Semi-Rigid, Semi-Flexible)

SMPM Cable Assembly

withwave offers SMPM Cable Assemblies with .047" cable diameter (Flexible, Semi-Rigid, Semi-Flexible) for various kinds of interconnection solutions such as High Speed Testing, Surface Mount interconnection and Telecommunication applications.



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SMPM Cable Assembly

Version : 220401_ver1.2

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