Precision Test Adapters   

: Right Angle Type

Withwave's Precision Test Adapters with Right Angle type are designed based on precise microwave interconnection technologies. 

These adapters are manufactured to precise microwave specifications and constructed with male and female gender on both side. 

This precision microwave connector interfaces ensure an excellent microwave performance up to 40, 50 & 67 GHz. 



- 1.85 mm, 2.92 mm, 2.4 mm

- Freq. : DC to 40, 50 & 67 GHz 

- Passivated Stainless steel   


1.85 to 1.85 mm 

1.85(M) to 1.85(F)
1.85(M) to 1.85(M)
1.85(F) to 1.85(F)

1.85 to 2.92 mm 

1.85(M) to 2.92(F)
1.85(M) to 2.92(M)
1.85(F) to 2.92(M)
1.85(F) to 2.92(F)

2.4 mm to 2.4 mm 

2.4(M) to 2.4(F)
2.4(M) to 2.4(M)
2.4(F) to 2.4(F)

1.85 to 2.4 mm 

1.85(M) to 2.4(F)
1.85(M) to 2.4(M)
1.85(F) to 2.4(M)
1.85(F) to 2.4(F)

2.4 mm to 2.92 mm 

2.4(M) to 2.92(F)
2.4(M) to 2.92(M)
2.4(F) to 2.92(M)
2.4(F) to 2.92(F)

2.92 mm to 2.92 mm 

2.92(M) to 2.92(F)
2.92(M) to 2.92(M)
2.92(F) to 2.92(F)

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