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New 4-Port Automatic Calibration Module (12, 18 & 26.5 GHz)

Withwave release New 4-Port Automatic Calibration Modules which are ideal for users who want fast and easy calibration for various Vector Network Analyzers (VNA) for 12, 18 & 26.5 GHz. This module is powered up via USB or 5.5 DC connector and communicate with VNA via USB or LAN and designed for full one-port through four-port calibrations of VNAs by One-Push START button.

This module works as host systems, measures and calculates calibration coefficients and sends it to VNA easily.

Most of Electronic Calibration Kits work for same manufacturer’s VNAs only.

But,this module provides cost-effective calibration solution for users by supporting various VNA models as below.

It’s compatible with following VNAs:

• Keysight PNA series, ENA series

• Rohde & Schwarz ZNB, ZVL, ZVA series, ZVT series

• Anritsu ShockLine Series

If you need more information, please click following datasheet

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