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Compact Calibration Kits 

Calibration Kit

Withwave's Compact Calibration Kits  offers excellent performance characteristics that is specially designed for the fine-tuning in production environments and quality testing facilities using 50 ohm

N-type & 3.5 mm connectors up to 6 GHz and 9 GHz, respectively.


This Cal.Kit include all needed calibration standard (Open, Short, Load, 

and through) in one unit that is best solution available for ease of use in VNA calibration, especially in the field. 




- DC to 6 GHz (N-type) & 9 GHz (3.5 mm) 

- Standard Kit included Open-Short-Load and Thru

- Return Loss (Load) : < -38 dB

- Phase deviation (Open, Short) : < 1.5 degrees





Calibration Kit_withwave

Click on these datasheets  !

N-type : 3-in-1 (6,8 GHz)

Calibration Kit

N-Type(Female): 3-in-1(5 GHz)

스크린샷 2024-04-09 160518.png

3.5 mm Type : 3-in-1 (9GHz)

3.5 mm Type : All-in-one (9GHz)

3.5 mm Type : All-in-one (SET)

Calibration Kit
Calibration Kit
Calibration Kit
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