New Phase matched Cable assemblies (Ultra Low loss cable)

Withwave announced that New Phase matched Cable assemblies using Ultra low loss cable. This W1 Series are complete line of high performance flexible microwave cable assemblies and have Low density PTFE dielectric structure to allow low dielectric constant as close as air up to 1.3 and achieve fast velocity of propagation of 83 %. The electrical length of coaxial cable assemblies are offen required to be exact length for various phase matched applications such as RF combiners, filters, multi-beam antenna arrays, phase array radars. Phase matched cable assemblies are essential when connecting to multi channel receivers as it is important for discrete channels to match and track each other ove

New 1.85 mm Wave Launch Connector(67 GHz)

Withwave announced that New 1.85 mm Wave Launch Connector (67 GHz). It's specially designed for well-used high frequency substrate to minimize electromagnetic effects including impedance discontinuities from coaxial to microstrip structure. The test result shows that good return loss performance up to 65 GHz test freq. range on Duroid 5880 substrate (5 mil. thickness) If you need more information, please visit at withwave (

W-Test-WT400,500 & 670 Cable Assembly

Withwave's -W-Test Cable Assemblies are complete line of high precision flexible microwave cable assemblies, specially for stable phase testing. These WT series are designed by excellent microwave interconnection technologies. The WT400,500 & 670 cable assemblies, operating to 40, 50 GHz and 67 GHz, are claimed to have excellent insertion loss, high phase/amplitude stability.

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